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What To Look For

As cars have become more and more mainstream—to the point where nowadays they’re practically a mainstay of most families—the range of uses they can provide has experienced a serious expansion. No longer reserved for the privileged few among us who lead a life of luxury, today’s cars can serve a great many functions. From hitting incredible top speeds to providing enough room to operate a small business, there truly is a model out there for everybody, no matter what they’re looking for.

Comfort And Safety

A woman buckling a seatbelt.

One of the most common reasons people purchase cars is to use for the sake of their family. The modern customer, according to a variety of sales trends and consumer preferences reports, is looking away from sedans and towards SUVs, as well as minivans and trucks.

Sports Utility Vehicles are no longer the unique territory of dare-devil off-roaders and hardcore ranchers. Boasting comfortable seats, often as many as seven, and plenty of space in the trunk, these models are practically custom-made for families with children of all ages.

Increased amounts of room isn’t the only benefit they offer, though. Safety is becoming more and more of a theme with SUVs, as the technology behind keeping the occupants of a particular car save continues to grow in leaps and bounds. The NHTSA provides a rating system for comparing safety features we recommend you check out.

The latest batch of SUVs come equipped with a plethora of different safety features, among them adaptive headlights—which make use of smart technology to adjust the car’s headlamps according to curves in the road up ahead— and rear cross-traffic alert, which act just like a pair of eyes in the back of your head, letting you know if there’s any dangerous activity going on behind your vehicle.


Three boxes of popcorn.

Parents with families won’t only be excited by the increased level of safety offered by these types of automobile, however. Many of them include top-of-the-line entertainment systems, with surround sound and drop-down TV screens to keep kids of all ages entertained on long drives.

As the technology grows, so too does the price range of cars that can provide these advanced features. At one time they were the exclusive domain of high-end models, but they can now be found on makes of car that cost less than $35,000.

Where Do I Start?

Three teddy bears sitting beside one another.

If you’re trying to pick a new car that will suit your family’s needs and wants in 2019, in all likelihood you may have found yourself overwhelmed by the amount of choice currently available to you. Where should one even start? Two-row SUVs or three-row? Adaptive headlights or not? How much is too much to spend on a quality entrainment system? What about brands—are there some brands which are known to be more reliable than others? Here are a few SUV features to look out for in your search.

Browsing the internet with these questions in mind could well turn out to be a frustrating experience. There are articles everywhere you look, many of them offering you a choice of up to twenty different car models, all of which claim to be the best for families. Maybe it’s just us, but we think that if your best-of list contains twenty items, they might not all be the best after all.

That’s why, here at London Bad Credit Car Loans, we’ve compiled our own list. We already know you’re probably sick of being presented with such a dizzying cacophony of choices, and that’s why we’ve narrowed our list of the best family cars in 2019 to just five models. Each of these offers something different to the savvy consumer, and while we understand that no amount of information we present is going to be enough to inform your own, personal decision, we hope to at least arm you with the knowledge you need to carry out your own research.

After all, there’s only one person who knows exactly what your family needs in a car—and that’s you.

Without further ado, here’s the list.

The Top Five Best Cars For Families In 2019

1: Hyundai Sante Fe

Hyundai is a staple brand name in the SUV market, and for good reason. Having built up their reputation meticulously through the years by providing consistently reliable, sleek, and powerful cars, their 2019 replacement for the Sante Fe Sport is a 2-row SUV which is on the larger end of the spectrum, making it ideal for big families.

Elegant, contemporary lines ensure the car’s styled to look as modern as possible, taking inspiration from traditional sports vehicles. This itself is a bit of a step away from the current trend, which is just another example of how Hyundai like to think for themselves. Possessing the capacity to be driven in either front-wheel or four-wheel drive, the AWD system makes use of a clever electronic coupling which improves vehicle stability in real-time by making clever adjustments to torque distribution, all over the car. A bump-free ride is guaranteed by the high-end shock absorbers, while soundproofing performance delivered by specially laminated glass makes sure that inside the car itself, all will be quiet.

With all of the safety features you could possibly want in a modern SUV—as well as some cool optional extras like rain-sensitive windshield wipers, a panoramic sunroof, and a world-class 12-speaker sound system—the Sante Fe can be customized to suit the needs of just about any family.

2: Toyota Highlander

Toyota is consistently ranked at the top when it comes to resale value, which is a commodity highly prized in the realm of purchasing a family-friendly car, where finances are of utmost importance. In this regard, the Highlander won’t let you down. Value is added as a result of everything from the selection of safety features involved, to the fuel economy provided by the engine, as well as Toyota’s impeccable reputation for durability and quality.

Of course, there’s no point in having a car with great resale value if you’re not going to use it yourself. The 2019 Toyota Highlander provides seating for up to eight passengers, depending on whether or not you go for bench seats of captain’s chairs in the middle row, and since the two rear rows fold completely down, finding enough room for your children’s equipment is, well, child’s play. What’s more, a top-line Blu-ray entertainment system promises to keep everybody’s attention away from the tedium of long drives.

Safety is ensured by the wide range of features offered by this model in that regard, including but not limited to adaptive cruise control, automatic high beams, hill-start assist, steering assist, a blind-spot monitor, and even a stolen vehicle locator, the latter of which will prove useful in the unfortunate case that anybody tries to steal your car.

3: Honda Odyssey

Less an SUV and more of a minivan, the Honda Odyssey is styled to look as futuristic as possible, and wouldn’t look out of place in a sci-fi movie. The HondaSensing group of safety features includes automatic emergency braking, road-departure mitigation (to keep you on the road, no matter how drowsy you’re feeling), adaptive cruise control, and blind-spot monitoring, which watches out for those tricky areas blocked off from the driver’s view by the passenger’s windows’ Z pillars. Powerful enough to take you anywhere you need to go and with impressive fuel economy, this is a solid all-rounder when it comes to family cars in 2019 and as such fully deserves its place on our list.

Families are sure to be impressed by the built-in vacuum cleaner which makes keeping the cabin clean a breeze. There’s an in-vehicle Wi-Fi hotspot included in the package as well, plus an innovative and fun PA system which makes use of the car’s microphone and speakers to broadcast messages to the rear passengers, which eliminates the need to turn around and as such increases the potential for safety even more. While some of these features may sound a little gimmicky, they work well together to create a less stressful environment for everybody in the vehicle, from the parents right the way down to the youngest of the children.

4: Ford Expedition

Still, the granddaddy of car brands, Ford’s family-friendly truck is a predictably impressive product.  Built to last, a turbocharged 3.5-litre V6 engine sits underneath an especially long hood, which provides extra safety to whoever’s in the front seat in the case of an accident, while the aluminum body panels chop a full 300 pounds off the weight of the vehicle, increasing its manoeuvrability without sacrificing security.

The fuel economy is impressive for a big car like this—the Expedition can drive 500 miles on a single tank of gas, and even more, if you’re familiar with driving techniques designed for increased mileage. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are both supported, and tri-zone electronic temperature control dovetails nicely with extreme leg-room flexibility to ensure all of the occupants are comfortable, all of the time. It can even be purchased in a towing package, which beefs up some of the more serious mechanical components with a tougher radiator and an integrated brake controller.

5:Volkswagen Atlas

The final entry on our list of the Top Five Best Cars For Families In 2019 is the Volkswagen Atlas. A midsize SUV with stunning amounts of leg- and head-room, the second-row seats are mounted on sliders that make it easy to get in and out of the back row. Cargo capacity is adequate for any amount of adventure equipment, and Apple and Android functionality are standard no matter what level of the car you purchase, giving the phrase the kids are alright a whole new degree of significance. Typical for a Volkswagen product, solid mechanical engineering is at the very heart of the entire package, and the turbocharged V6 engine combines with an 8-speed automatic transmission to make you feel like the most powerful car on the road.

Reasonably priced and with great resale potential, the single biggest plus of the Atlas is the amount of space it provides. It’s almost more of a minivan than an SUV when it comes down to it—that’s how much space this car provides to whichever family decides to purchase it. Add the generous 6-year warranty to the package, and the Volkswagen Atlas becomes a serious contender for the title of the best family car of 2019.

In Conclusion

Well, there it is. Our Top Five Best Family Cars In 2019. While you’re the only person who knows which model is going to suit your needs best, we hope that we’ve managed to cut through some of the white noise and provide a reasonable overview of different kinds of family car that will help you as you try to narrow down your options.

As a final point, if you’re struggling with your credit score for any reason and are having a hard time getting a lender to approve you for a car loan, give us a call here at London Bad Credit Car Loans. We consider every single application we receive—it doesn’t matter what your score is, we can help orchestrate a solution for your particular situation.

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